General Divorce Information

Also, read these informative articles by Lisa: One out of every two marriages ends in divorce. Because of financial and time constraints, however, many parties first find themselves in Family Court seeking an acknowledgment of paternity, child support and/or custody. If those issues can’t be resolved then it becomes necessary to speak to an attorney […]

What to Expect When Expecting Divorce

This article will help you maximize the result you want to achieve from your action for divorce or child custody, and will try to inform you as to what you should do and know before you see your divorce lawyer in New York State. This article will help you maximize the result you want to […]

Divorce Myths & Real Facts A-Z

Popular Myths and “Old Wife’s (and old Husband’s) tales”. It’s amazing how many people still believe and perpetuate some of the fantastic lore that surrounds divorce. Wild stories that pop up in the news, on television, misinformation, and isolated events often times perpetuate and fuel the below myths. Also read these informative articles by Lisa: […]


CPLR Section 302 B tells spouses in New York whether New York has the power to adjudicate their divorce when one or both members of the family move to another state. Do you want to move to move to a different state with your children but your ex spiuse does nto want you to leave […]

What will happen in Divorce Court?

This is a very generalized statement for educational purposes only as to what a divorce looks like if the parties are contesting the divorce. This guideline set forth below  under New York State Law  is what you might expect to see but no guarantees are to be read into this article as litigation is hazardous for both […]

Can I file for Divorce in New York State if I just moved here?

I have lived in New York for less than one year. Can I file for divorce in New York? In New York you can only count on certain residential requirements before filing an action for divorce.  They are specific and set forth in the Domestic Relations Law. You are permitted to bring a divorce action […]

Must I sue for custody?

MUST I SUE FOR CUSTODY? Many of my clients do not understand that in order to get a divorce judgment the parties must first settle their issues of child custody.  That means when you commence an action for divorce you must include in the Wherefore clause a request for custody.  In doing so that does […]

Can I apply for Custody?

Can I apply for child custody? There are many things you need to know before you can apply for child custody in New York. For one, a court must have the power to adjudicate your case. We call that “jurisdiction”.  This is a complex idea of law that involves many factors but the initial inquiry is […]