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Divorce Lawyer. New York child custody, Manhattan child custody, Brooklyn child custody Lawyer.

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Celebrities do not get Special Treatment when it comes to Divorce in New York
May 17, 2020

Celebrity divorce in the impact of the coronavirus


According to news reports by CNN and Fox News, Mary Kate Olsen made an emergency application to the New York County Supreme  Court and requested permission to file an emergency divorce case against her husband Olivier Sarkozy.  That application was denied by the judge. Judge Michael Katz did not believe that it was an essential matter that needed to be addressed during the pandemic. Right now, the courts are only hearing Essential matters.  In order to file a new case that is deemed an emergency in the New York supreme court you must attached to your application and emergency affidavit which is available from the New York court website. The Courts are presently trying to deal with only emergencies as well as their current caseload of non-essential matters.  


Accordingly, at this time you can expect that the courts will not be excepting new divorce filings unless you are alleging domestic violence or some other emergency such as failure to provide health insurance coverage or arrears in child support or else some other emergency. That was for Family court, that court is also dealing with emergencies such as juvenile delinquency cases and ACS cases.


In the Olson matter, Judge  Katz was likely sending a message to the public that the family law courts of New York will not be hearing anything, but emergency matters given the present ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This message also speaks loudly to the integrity of the court and not giving special treatment to celebrities. In my practice, I have seen that the judges in Manhattan are very fair that way and do not get preferential treatment to celebrities.


According to the administrative judge, the court system in New York is putting together a plan to make it safe to reopen the courts. They are watching the statistics as stated by the health department and as stated by the governor of the state and they are considering staggering cases throughout the day so that not too many people are congregated in the same court room. They are also considering taking peoples temperature, masks, and other accommodations and re-fittings of the courthouse. Attorneys are given almost weekly updates which you can also read on the NY government website. 


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By: Lisa Beth Older  

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