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The Law Offices of Lisa Beth Older is thought of by many as being one of several of the best divorce and child custody law firms in its class of boutique law firms. She is a high profile New York City divorce lawyer who is often times relied upon to provide legal commentary on the latest divorce and custody issues of our time on NBC News, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, Entertainment tonight, and CBS. What distinguishes Ms. Older from other aggresive divorce lawyers is her unique capacity to grasp the facts of the case, and to bond with her clients in order to create a personal professional working relationship based upon mutual respect. This winning formula works toward building successful strategies to accomplish the goals of the client.
What further distinguishes her services is the fact that Ms. Older has been a practicing skilled divorce and family law attorney for over thirty years (30). She has successfully handled well over a thousand cases ranging from the negotiation of a separation or prenuptial agreement to the handling high net worth cases through to trial or appeals to the Appellate Division. What is unique about this lawyer is that she will personally handle all aspects of your case, and will only use associates if you consent. And she does so with ease, vigor, professionalism and social responsibility. She is known for her availability to her clients, her expeditious handling of your case, and her development of time tested strategies designed to win. She answers your phone calls and you do not become just another file on her desk.

As a skilled negotiator and trial attorney, and as one of the top New York City divorce lawyers around, she is not afraid to go to trial if your case so warrants and her adversaries know that about her which often times results in a fair swift resolution of your case.If you are looking for an attorney to bargain or to fight diligently on behalf of your rights, the law offices of Lisa Beth Older can accomplish this with ease. Lisa Beth Older, Esq..s style and persuasive eloquence of writing works to your benefit both in and out of court, and her client approval rate is very high because she makes herself available to her clients in their time of need and gets results!

And while it is best to try to settle your case through competent negotiation, Lisa Beth Older, Esq. is fearless in Court and does not shirk in the face of adversity. While her style is polite and kind, she can also be professionally aggressive or assertive if faced with that attitude by her adversary. Her knowledge of divorce and custody law and her writing skills are unparalleled. Lisa Beth Older, Esq. has the energy, knowledge, experience, skill set, commitment and good reputation necessary to move your case forward toward a satisfactory settlement or result. But if your case is a high net worth case or a complex child custody case, you want an attorney experienced in court and at trial. You want one of the best New York divorce and custody lawyers to represent you in Court. So call Lisa Beth Older, Esq. now. This lawyer will get your concerns addressed properly, decisively and quickly. Whether you are headed for an amicable divorce or a contested divorce Lisa Beth Older, Esq. is the one to call.