Appeals: Seeking Justice Beyond the Verdict

The Law Offices of Lisa Beth Older is dedicated to ensuring that justice is not just an initial verdict but a continuous pursuit. If you believe that a legal decision has been unjust or want to challenge an unfavorable outcome, our appellate services are designed to navigate the intricate process of appeals with precision and expertise.

Understanding Appeals

An appeal is a legal process through which a higher court reviews the decision of a lower court. It provides an avenue for individuals to challenge judgments they believe to be incorrect, unjust, or based on legal errors. Appeals are a complex legal undertaking that requires a thorough understanding of appellate procedures and persuasive advocacy.

Why Choose Our Appeals Services?

1. Experience Matters

Led by Lisa Beth Older, a seasoned attorney with over 29 years of experience, our appellate team has a deep understanding of the nuances involved in challenging legal decisions. Ms. Older’s extensive courtroom experience and success in appellate cases make her a formidable advocate for those seeking justice through the appeals process.

2. Comprehensive Appellate Representation

Our appellate services cover a wide range of legal matters, including family law, divorce, child custody, and other civil and criminal cases. Whether you are facing an unfavorable judgment in a family matter or a criminal conviction that you believe is unjust, we have the expertise to handle diverse appellate cases.

3. Meticulous Case Review

An effective appeal requires a meticulous review of the trial record to identify errors or legal issues that may have affected the outcome. Lisa Beth Older and her team possess the analytical skills and attention to detail needed to thoroughly examine the trial proceedings, ensuring that every avenue for appeal is explored.

4. Persuasive Advocacy

Successful appeals demand not only legal acumen but also persuasive advocacy. Lisa Beth Older is known for her compelling courtroom presence and persuasive writing skills, essential elements in presenting a strong case to the appellate court. Her ability to craft persuasive arguments is a cornerstone of our appellate representation.

5. Appellate Court Experience

Navigating the appellate court system requires a distinct set of skills. Lisa Beth Older has successfully handled appeals in various appellate courts, including the Appellate Division. Her familiarity with the procedures and practices of appellate courts ensures that your case is presented effectively and in accordance with legal standards.