Divorces and Family Court

Divorce Survival Kit — Divorces and Family Court

Matters dealing with child custody issues are treated in a separate chapter from divorces which are most concerned with child support or alimony.

In regard to “Waging your War” against the other spouse
Do not look upon a divorce as a “war” unless it becomes one. Diffuse the situation of a “problem” divorce. Learn to become emotionally detached and treat it as you would any other business negotiation. You want to settle your case out of court in order to avoid the embarrassment and mental anguish that comes along with a public display of your personal problems, and you want to shield your children and yourself from becoming an unwitting victim of the court system.

The Court will tell you that you and your spouse can best fashion a settlement that will work for your family. That does not mean however that you must dispense with retaining an attorney to help you prepare your case to be in a better bargaining position with your spouse.

Prepare yourself for your first visit to the attorneys office, how to be cost effective in prosecuting your case, how to assume a proactive role in its ultimate disposition. Remember, divorce is “forever” and it is very difficult to “renegotiate your case once you have settled. Therefore, preparation is key to getting what you want now.

  1. Introduction
  2. Divorce Law Information
  3. Filing Divorce Papers
  4. Divorce Judgment Pleadings, Divorce Complaint & Discovery
  5. This Is How Your Divorce Will Likely Proceed
  6. Divorces and Family Court
  7. Financial planning tax considerations
  8. What Can I Expect To Achieve In Court?
  9. Temporary Relief & Divorce Judgment
  10. Divorce and Domestic Violence
  11. What Should I Expect Out Of My First Meeting With A Divorce Attorney?
  12. Precautions With Regard To My Financial Situation?
  13. Financial Settlement And Fault
  14. Child Support & Custody
  15. Common Divorce Misconceptions & Equitable Distribution
  16. What Do I Do with My Life Now that I am on My Own?

Warning: The information contained herein is not intended to substitute for legal advice from your own retained lawyer in new york state. This article is merely informational in nature, and is based upon one attorney’s knowledge of the practice of family law, matrimonial law, domestic violence, child custody, child support and orders of protection.

Retain counsel before you do anything to affect your marital status and follow the advice of the lawyer you retain, not what is written herein.